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pāyZero® Financial offers the same usual and customary easy Auto Loan Financing, Personal Loans, Personal Lines of Credit as any other lender. However, as Financial Consultants, we also encourage our borrowers to experience a Financial Reset using MyXtraMoney®, An FDIC® insured strategy for electronic bill-pay to increase you Net Cash Flow by 25%.

To participate in MyXtraMoney® you must be:

  • Full Time Employment, salaried, or hourly with Direct Deposit
  • Minimum age of 25
  • Minimum Total Net Monthly Household Income: $2,500

pāyZero® Says “Drive Your Dream Car Today With No Payments”

  1. Place your budget into the MyXtraMoney® Calculator to find out how much payment we can make Vanish.
  2. Go to any of our Franchise Dealership partners (over 16,000 in the United States)
  3. Tell them you are already in the dealer database.
  4. Secure Your Financing.
  5. After 90 Days, We Pay Your Car Payments. So Keep Your Money.

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Enjoy a Personal Loan or Line of Credit with zero debt burden when you start using MyXtraMoney™

Get Approved for a 0% Line of credit based on a Cash Back generated when you place your household budget with the MyXtraMoney® financial calculator.

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Safe & Secure

Your information is kept private whether you are applying for a simple auto loan through our lending partners, or applying for a Debt Free Credit Card™, your information is protected with the highest levels of security possible.

Easy Access

You can access your auto loan account, and your Cash Back from one single login. You can reach us by phone, or internet. Use a cell phone, desktop, Ipad®, or Laptop.

Nationwide Finance Network

Get quick, easy access to a variety of national and regional financing programs through our network of finance institutions.

Award Winning Rates

Our rates are competitive on all of our loans, and credit cards. Even when your credit is not perfect, if you are a MyXtraMoney™ App user, you have the same low interest opportunity as a person with an 800 FICO® score.

Company overview

pāZero® Auto Finance, Inc. DBA pāyZero® Financial, was founded in 2018 by financial advisors to make financing an automobile, or having a credit card make sense. Our team utilizes local expertise, combined with global experience, to offer a range of highly profitable financing options to our customers.

On A Mission

We are Financial Consultants.  We aren’t satisfied with business-as-usual in car lending because we’ve been on the inside and seen countless ways to make lending better.  That’s why PĀYZERO® is leading the way to more transparent, fair, easy and friendly car loans for all (it also feels great to help people save money).

What We Value

Values are more than pretty words, ours set a standard we strive to reach. We’ve learned that the “soft stuff” is also the wildly important stuff. These 4 values are our compass: Impact, Optimism, Honesty & Growth. We’re still building the company we want to be, but these values help us create a collaborative team mindset and better place to work. They also improve how we connect with customers (and each other), and drive the development of a product we’re proud of.

Who we are

As members of the worldwide InCrowd Investments, LLC, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our banking, lending, and Financial services and strive to achieve this through knowledge transfer within the Group, dedicated technical research units, sharing globally new product developments and a wide range of risk management services.

We Are Financial Advisors

Whenever you make a major purchase such as an automobile, it helps to have the financial expertise of a financial advisor helping you to get out of debt as fast as you got in.

Our Commitment

You could say that we’re a bunch of financial technologists, lending experts and customer service fanatics (you’d be right) but we’re more than that – PĀYZERO® is a team. We come from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences to create something new: A better way to do car loans.


We began with the idea that the working man/woman not only needed easy access to transportation, they need it at an affordable rate, along with a plan to be out of debt as fast as possible.

2019 & Beyond…

pāZero® Financial, Inc., wants to make the auto loan industry more secure, and make the payment process easier for the buyer by vanishing 100,000 payments by December 2020.

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