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Finance A New Car Without Having To Make Payments Out of Pocket. DriveFree™


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At pāyZero® Financial our Consultants can boost your Personal Economy with a Financial Reset.  This will instantly increase your bottom line by as much as 25% on just the money you already make.

The increase is enough to pay your car payments to your lender replacing the the money you spend on car payments.

To get started, we ask everyone to place your household budget into the MyXtraMoney® Financial Reset Calculator to determine the largest car payment we can have paid by your economic boost. There is no fee for enrollment into DriveFree™

What is a Financial Reset?

Short Answer – Financial Reset: We change the way you bank to increase your Net Cash Flow by 25%, then we place it in an interest bearing account to pay off debt, or to build wealth.

Long Answer – A Financial Reset is when you use electronic banking and ebill-pay (eBill-Pay is when you deposit all of your income into your bank account, and then allow your bank to pay your bills by electronic check.) to pay all household bills and expenses electronically; converting the way you manage your cash-flow away from all forms of budgeting into a world of Economy Boosting Digital Economics. In our case, MyXtraMoney® takes advantage of an opportunity to boost your personal economy by as much as 25% when eBill-pay is used along with our Financial Technology Algorithms. As Financial Consultants, we help you easily transition into a new way to manage your cash flow while using less and less of your future income. The system will Invest up 25% of your total monthly expenses into an interest bearing escrow account while making sure all bills still get paid on time, and all usual while you continue to experience your customary monthly savings.



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