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Reading this page will help you understand more about the Financial Reset and how money is generated from eBanking and eBill-Pay.

What if we told you, you were not getting the most out of your direct deposit dollars?

Message for every wage earning household with a w-2, and direct deposit:  You are 1 Step closer to being able to put $12% – 25% of the money you spend on monthly expenses back on the table without changing anything about your budget.

At pāyZero® Financial, we are not just lenders, we also provide services to free you of debt. If you want to DriveFree™, our Financial Consultants will Reset your Finances changing the way you bank so you can have all your bills paid, and all your savings saved at 75% of what it costs you now. Then we place the 25% difference in an interest bearing account to build wealth, and pay off debt like a car payment, student loans, and credit cards, etc.


MyXtraMoney® is an ebill-pay, and electronic banking strategy that works by exercising perfectly timed Advance Discounting Calculations. The strategy lowers the amount of money allocated towards your future monthly household expenses while making sure all bills are paid on time as usual.  The system pays all of your household expenses, and generates all of your normal savings on 75% of the money because of a eBill-Pay Cash Back Rebate.

Sounds crazy? 

Well, its not.  Going Beyond Budgeting using the MyXtraMoney® eBill-Pay Cash Back Rebate System is not about budgeting at all.  In fact, the Discount happens as your direct deposit enters your bank to pay bills.  It’s about “timed strategic banking” using an Advance Discounting Calculation. (ADC).

What is a Financial Reset?

A Financial Reset is when you use electronic banking and ebill-pay (eBill-Pay is when you deposit all of your income into your bank account, and then allow your bank to pay your bills by electronic check.) to pay all household bills and expenses electronically; converting the way you manage your cash-flow away from all forms of budgeting into a world of Digital Economics.   In our case, MyXtraMoney® takes advantage of an opportunity to boost your personal economy by as much as 25% when eBill-pay is used along with our Financial Technology Algorithms.  As Financial Consultants, we help you easily transition into a new way to manage your cash flow while using less and less of your future income.  The system will pay all of your total monthly expenses on time using only 75% of the money. Yes, you will still experience your customary monthly savings amount.

In an instant, the system will establish your discount amount from your previous month’s expenses, then MyXtraMoney® will use ebill-pay and strategic banking to have your bills paid while withholding the cash back amount, and divert the difference, ie., $500 – $2,000+/mo. to the pāZero® Financial escrow account for wealth building and debt management. (Money that without MyXtraMoney®, you would have no access to.)  

Because MyXtraMoney® works after you have placed your money in the bank to pay bills, you will not miss a beat when it comes to bills and expenses being paid on time as usual.

The strategy is called Discounting

Discounting is the process of determining the present value of a payment or a stream of payments that is to be received in the future. Given the time value of money, a dollar is worth more today than it would be worth tomorrow. Discounting is the primary factor used in pricing a stream of tomorrow’s cash flows. Jul 7, 2019  Discounting Definition – Investopedia


What the old saying “Time Is Money” means to Us.

The MyXtraMoney® System is an instructional guide for managing your bank accounts based on Timing, and follows the guidelines of safe FDIC® insured banking.  Although there are 4 months with 5 weeks in a year, going Beyond Budgeting  with MyXtraMoney® uses an Advance Discounting Calculation Algorithm to treat all 12 months like they have 5 weeks for the benefit of w2 employees throughout all income pay periods, regardless of how many incomes your household may have.

The general rule of thumb most people use while budgeting is based on 1 month being 4 weeks. As your bill comes, you take any new money you just made and have to pay for an entire bill.  

  • For example, if you have a bill that is $500/mo., you have to take $500 out of the next check an pay it straight to the bill.  That is counterproductive.

But what happens when you follow your MyXtraMoney® Advance Discounting Calculation instructions?

  • Then, at that point, you can now place small amounts into “position” to pay the bill well in advance, on a calculated schedule. Let’s say placing $100/wk. into a bucket. So when the bill is due, money is already waiting in that bucket to pay that bill creating the Discount.  At this point, the $500 bill only cost $200 out of your next pay check. Because $300 was already there.

In this hypothetical example, the bill is paid just the same, but your future direct deposit income instantly has extra cash available as Cash Back. The MyXtraMoney® Beyond Budgeting System™ does the calculations for all of your bills and expenses at the same time to come up with your Cash Back amount. Every household has their own XtraMoney™ amount.

The Formula:

The Advance Discounting Calculation Algorithm in MyXtraMoney® finds your XtraMoney™ amount by calculating your…

  • Total Number of Household Expenses,
  • the Amount of Each Expense,
  • and the Total Number of Pay Periods your household should experience over the next 3 – 5 years.

3 things will happen within 30 – 45 Days of changing the way you bank…

  1. You will continue to have enough money to continue to pay bills on-time as usual without missing a beat.
  2. You will not be asked to make any alterations to your budget, but your monthly savings will most likely increase.
  3. And you will have an additional $500 – $2,000*+/month to pay off debt or invest.

*On average, the MyXtraMoney® strategy will unlock $1,143+/month** without cutting expenses. **National Monthly Average per Working Household.

With MyXtraMoney® helping you put 12% – 25% of your total monthly expenses back on the table for your use, wealth planning no longer has to cost you a dime.

Understanding Beyond Budgeting and why you need to Change The Way You Bank™

The general rule of thumb when it comes to money, bills, and budgeting is to pay the money directly to the bills as they come due. But under the “Beyond Budgeting” model, we found you can Free Up tons of money by simply opening 3 more checking accounts at your bank, and using those accounts like buckets you fill with cash (similar to the envelope method).  Then those buckets/checking accounts pay their own bills as they become due.

  1. MyXtraMoney® – is a hybrid between electronic banking and a cash flow timing algorithm. You need a total of 4 checking accounts at 1 bank to make shorting work. You need:
    1. a Main Direct Deposit Account,
    2. a Debt Account,
    3. a Utilities/Services Account,
    4. and a Discretionary Spending Account.
  2. As your income is direct deposited into your main account, the quantitative algorithm configures its shorting calculations and provides simple instructions for Strategically transferring/allocating your money from the Main Account into the 3 remaining checking accounts on a unique timing pattern so there is always enough money in those accounts to pay their own bills as they come due.  (Because expenses have random due dates which occur throughout the month, the shorting happens when MyXtraMoney® calculates the Lowest Possible Dollar Amount (LPDA) that needs to be transferred into the remaining 3 individual accounts to make sure all expenses are paid.  99.9% of the time, the individual accounts will still have positive balances in each account after they have paid their individual bills.)
  3. In Reality, the cost of your utilities, debt(including rent), discretionary spending, Miscellaneous costs, and any remaining savings make up your total cost of living.  Since everything is included, its fair to say, Total Cost of Living = Net IncomeIn this case, let’s say your cost of living/net income is $4,000/mo for your household. 
  4. According to item #2, as your household receives income, and makes its transfers, there is already dollars left over in the 3 accounts as new income arrives to your main account, because of this, less and less new income will need to be dispersed to the 3 remaining accounts to cover expenses and savings. 

Furthermore, MyXtraMoney™ changed the timing of how you move money through your bank accounts so that now, as new income is direct deposited, only $809.75/week “out of your latest direct deposits” is needed to cover the same amount of expenses and savings that used to cost you $1,000/week. You now have $190.25/week being deposited into the pāyZero® Financial Escrow Account™.

  1. As you can see on the chart above, Household A and B have identical income, expenses, and savings. But Household B now has $761.00/mo. in Discounted money to moved into the pāyZero® Financial Escrow Account™ so they can make Millionaire Financial moves, and Household A does not. In fact, Household A has zero access to their Advance Discount until they begin to MyXtraMoney®  Hidden money amounts will vary from household to household.
  2. As long as you maintain steady income, the system will work, and still generate your same savings you normally experience without creating an NSF.

When you underpay your budget Its like Putting Money Directly Into Your Pocket Today.

With a few simple simple steps, MyXtraMoney® simply asks you to change the way you bank so you can start growing your net worth today. ||  Simple As That!

See For Yourself.

*We have been doing this since 1994. Our services comes with an advisory fee of 2.5% of the total monthly dividend amount.

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Disclosure: The results we provide in the MyXtraMoney® online calculator is only meant to be a guide for you using your online banking platform to set up account to account transfers under the MyXtraMoney® guidelines.  You can at any time, log-in, print our setup instructions, and take them to your bank so your banker can initiate your plan.  MyXtraMoney® reorganizes your online banking and bill pay to generate a Consumer Bank Float; which is a surplus in cash of between 12% – 25% of your monthly direct deposits.  The surplus is withdrawn, placed into the pāyZero® Financial Escrow Account™ for pay off debt items. Access to your saved money is not based on credit or any approval process and is paid to you quarterly. MyXtraMoney® is an instructional guide for quantitative budgeting, not a loan, or investment, and is not interest based. MyXtraMoney® is distributed by various licensed vendors across North America. Must be a w-2 Employee with salary or hourly wages. Must be over the age of 25. Must be paid with direct deposit.  The pāyZero® Financial Escrow Account™ is held at Citizens Trust Bank, Atlanta, GA, Member FDIC. MyXtraMoney®, and the Beyond Budgeting System™ is underwritten by InCrowd Investments, LLC © 1994-2019. All Rights Reserved.